How it works

We make it as easy
Juonea Happy Helpers is dedicated to matching families with the most qualified caregivers. Our promise is to devote the necessary resources to find you the perfect match.

a. One-on-One Consultation

Easy on line applications
One point of contact assigned to you throughout your search
Full review of your family and childcare needs

Once your application is received, we contact you to begin your search. Each family has their own specific one-point-of-contact at our office throughout your search.

Juonea Happy Helpers ensures each family’s specific needs are always met. Candidates are introduced with full resumes and verbal discussion and in-home interviews which are set for you at your convenience.

Every family has their own definition of what a “successful nanny” means to them. Our method discovers a ‘day-in-the life’ of each family and pinpoints the specifics and objectives that will make your nanny hire successful.

Our Proprietary 5 Step Screening

1.) Initial phone screen
2.)In depth written application
3.) Face to face interviews
4.) Reference checks
5.) Criminal full background check