Corporate Back-Up Care

Your business depends on your employees being able to come to work. But even the most dedicated staffers won’t make it to the office if they have child-care issues.

Anything from children with the sniffles, a mild stomach bug, nannies who don’t show up, to school snow days can throw a wrench into your employees’ plans.

Juonea Happy Helpers offers back-up childcare for your company. We provide exceptionally warm and nurturing sitters to stay with your employees’ children–in their own homes and on their own terms. Give your employees the peace of mind that comes with being able to do their very best knowing their children are being cared for by the very best.

Just as no two companies are exactly alike, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan for corporate back-up care. Only you can determine the needs of your firm and employees. We can customize a plan to your specifications.

Temporary Services Include:

On-Call Nannies

Temporary Nannies

Corporate Back-Up Care

Special-Event Child Care