House Managers

House managers assume many responsibilities. They oversee one or multiple residences, and no detail is too large or too small. House managers have considerable input – and often sole discretion – regarding all hiring (housekeepers, cooks/chefs, laundresses, landscapers, gardeners, pool maintenance staff, drivers and butlers).

They are responsible for training; scheduling and supervising of staff; and overseeing the planning/preparation of entertaining, events, business functions, and contractor/vendor scheduling/interactions. Additional duties include supervising food purchasing/handling, maintaining wine inventories, maintaining security systems, making travel arrangements and managing the household budget.

The house manager is often responsible for coordinating remodeling/redecorating of one or several homes, overseeing the acquisition and care of properties, art, antiques and more. A “team captain,” the house manager must work well with employers and employees. Flexibility is a must, as he or she is often on call

Household Services Include:


House Managers

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